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Quest Mod Updating

This guide only applies to the Quest version of Gorilla Tag. If you’re using a SteamVR headset or a Quest with Link, go to the PC Mod Updating guide.

Updating Gorilla Tag

Updating Gorilla Tag will wipe your settings, like name, colors, queue, etc. You can easily re-add these settings through the computer in the treehouse again.

Gorilla Tag while modded cannot be updated through the Update dialog or the Store. To update Gorilla Tag with mods, you will need to uninstall Gorilla Tag, reinstall the latest version, mod it with QuestPatcher, and then restore your mods. While it might sound long, it shouldn’t be too bad.

Uninstalling Gorilla Tag

It’s important to uninstall Gorilla Tag via QuestPatcher. Uninstalling a modded game through Oculus Home may cause the game to get stuck uninstalling.

  1. Plug in your Quest into your computer, open QuestPatcher, and go to the Tools & Options menu on the left.
  2. Click the red Uninstall App button, then click Uninstall App again. QuestPatcher will close.

Reinstalling Gorilla Tag

At this point, you should open the Oculus Store on your headset, search for Gorilla Tag, then go to the details and click Download. Wait for it to finish downloading and installing before continuing to the next step.

Modding Gorilla Tag

After Gorilla Tag has finished downloading, re-follow the Quest Modding guide to repatch your game. Then, reinstall your mods.

Before reinstalling mods, you should check the source to see if they have updated or confirmed the mod to work on the latest version.

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