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PC Beginner’s Guide

This guide only applies to the PC version of Gorilla Tag.
If you’re using a Quest (without Link), go to the Quest Modding guide.


Monke Mod Manager

This is currently the recommended mod installer.

Monke Mod Manager is a mod installer that will install custom mods into Gorilla Tag automatically, and can be re-run in order to update the mods. Monke Mod Manager also notifies you of any updates upon launch by opening the latest release’s page if available.
Download Monke Mod Manager from Steven’s GitHub. Select the Assets dropdown and download the .exe file named MonkeModManager.exe.

Note: If Windows alerts you that the file is unsafe/at risk, choose to keep/run anyway. This is a false-positive.

Install Instructions

After you’ve downloaded Monke Mod Manager, double-click the executable to run it. By default, Monke Mod Manager should automatically fill in your Gorilla Tag installation folder.

If you installed Gorilla Tag to a seperate drive or path, Monke Mod Manager will prompt you to select Gorilla Tag.exe from your installation folder. Go to the Install Folder section to find your installation folder.

Next, you may select any mods that are listed. BepInEx is the modloader for Gorilla Tag and cannot be unchecked. To update a mod, simply select the installed mod again. If you would like to get more information on a mod, click on it then hit the View Mod Info button.

After you select the mods you would like to install/update, hit the Install/Update button to begin the process. When the status monitor in the bottom left says “Install complete!”, you’re almost there!

If it’s your first time modding (or starting with a clean install), you’ll need to launch Gorilla Tag once and close it to initialize BepInEx. You may not see any mods load the first time you launch Gorilla Tag after modding, this is normal.
After that, re-launch Gorilla Tag and if everything went well, your mods will now load into the game. Congratulations!

Install Folder

Default Location

If you installed your game on your main drive, this should be your installation folder. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Gorilla Tag

Other Locations

If you installed your game in a different location, follow these instructions to find your installation folder.

  1. Open Steam and right-click on Gorilla Tag. Then, go to Manage > Browse local files.

  2. Click the address bar at the top to select your installation folder’s path. Hit CTRL+C to copy this to your clipboard.

Manual Installation

A mod installer is the recommended way to install mods. See the section above. If you have patched the game and just need to install mods that are not available in the installer, skip to step 4.

Install BepInEx

  1. Download BepInEx. You will want to get, with VERSION being the version number.
  2. Extract the contents of the BepInEx .zip file to the install folder of your Gorilla Tag installation.

  3. Run Gorilla Tag once to complete installation.

Install Mods

  1. Download the mod(s) you wish to install, whether it be from GitHub, the GorillaTag Modding Discord #pc-mod-releases channel, or other sources. Make sure to download any dependencies required by the mod.

  2. Some mods have installation instructions, some don’t. Generally you can just drag and drop the zip contents into your Gorilla Tag install folder, and the files should go into the corresponding folders. If you have a .dll file, you’ll usually want to put it in BepInEx/plugins.

Uninstalling Mods

Either remove the mod’s .dll or folder from the BepInEx/plugins folder, which is located in your Gorilla Tag install folder.

Updating Mods

Check out the PC Mod Updating Guide for info on updating Gorilla Tag with mods installed.

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